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Lancaster Burly Bear

DOB:  October 23, 2022

NABBA appraised - 85% @ 16 months old

SIRE:  Lancaster Grover

DAM:  Cabaret Tia

We are pleased to introduce Burly Bear from Bearcove Boerboels!


Burly is a promising young male who is lean, muscular and agile.  He demonstrates optimal movement which can be attributed to his correct angulation. 


Burly has been well socialized with extensive training and has a great temperament. He loves hiking and going off leash with excellent recall. He demonstrates all the goofy and quirky traits we all love about the Boerboel breed. He is intelligent and intuitive, with innate protective instincts.


He is a welcomed addition to our breeding program!

Zuri Rocco

DOB:  January 14, 2016

NABBA appraised - 96.4% @ 20 months old

Top scoring Boerboel at Toronto 2017 appraisal

SIRE:  Balkan Luca - 90.1%

DAM:  Balkan Cyra - 95.7%

We are simply thrilled to introduce Rocco who is the newest addition to our breeding program!


We kept Rocco out of our Luca & Cyra litter. Right from the moment he was born, he was something special.  Rocco is an amazing puppy and shows such potential.  He is heavy boned, has a nice head and moves really well.  Rocco is very inquisitive and we are having such fun watching him explore the world and settle himself into our pack.


Rocco has developed into a stunning mature male...everything we had hoped he would be when we paired Cyra and Luca together.  He is a very large male...he has his mother's bulk and width and his father's height and movement.  Rocco is protective on the property but sweet and loving with his family.  We are excited to see him become a father himself in the near future! 

Balkan Luca
DOB:  August 23, 2013                                                      
NABBA appraised - 90.1%  @ 13 months old               
Top scoring Boerboel at Toronto 2014 appraisal

SIRE:  Balkan Marko - 95.2%

DAM:  Balkan Kalisi - 94.4%

Luca is the alpha male in our pack.  He has a strong protective instinct and is very aware and in tune with his surroundings.  He is confident and is not fazed by anything.   Luca also has a very playful and loving side. He enjoys going for long walks and meeting new people.  It is so fun to watch him with our young pups.  He teaches them respect and discipline but is also incredibily tolerant and docile with them.  


Luca has very good bone structure, correct angulation and is incredibly quick and agile.  The power in his hind legs is simply amazing.  His athleticism is one of his strongest points.  Luca is also quite tall and measures just over 28" at the withers.   

Rocking H Jakaan

DOB:  March 31, 2007                                                    

SABT appraised - 88.1%                                               

SIRE:  Nostras Kokomo - 84.6%

DAM:  Gretchen Gaea - 84.0%

Jakaan is an excellent example of the correct character and temperament that we strive for in the Boerboel.  He is very loving, loyal and obedient.  He is self-assured, confident and exhibits a strong protective instinct.  He has a big head, broad chest and well developed muscles.  Jakaan is very athletic and enjoys spending a lot of time outdoors.  


For such a big male, Jakaan is very calm and gentle.  He is especially excellent with children.  He is eager to please and is most happy when surrounded by the family he loves.





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