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True North Reya

DOB:  March 29, 2019

NABBA appraised - 91.6% 

SIRE:  Afrika Gus - 90.2%

DAM:  Klein Sandfontein Daisy - 89.9%

Reya is the youngest member of our breeding family.  She is an all around lovely girl.  Reya is a light brown female with a strong dark mask.  She is very wide, with a deep barrel chest and good angulation.

Reya has great agility and loves to run and play.  One of the things we love most about her is her temperament...she loves people...especially children!  She also demonstrates natural protective instincts.  Not to mention, she is a great Mom....right up there with the very best we've had.

Balkan Cyra

DOB:  December 16, 2008                                      

NABBA appraised - 95.7% @ 4 years old             

SABT appraised - 85.6% @ 16 months old

SIRE:  Grasland GBT Moby - 88.2%

DAM:  Rocking H Kuma - 88.8%

Cyra is a strong, impressive, powerfully built female.  She is very muscular, with a thick neck, big head and a broad chest.  Her movement is strong and full of purpose.  


She posseses an outstanding temperament.  She is confident and fearless, and exhibits a strong protective instinct.  At the same time, she has a very sweet and loving demeanour.  

Cyra is the reason we fell in love with the Boerboel!  

Rocking H Nyah

DOB:  October 4, 2011                                            

NABBA appraised - 92.1% @ 22 months old      

SIRE:  Mighty Mason Storm - 91.1%

DAM:  Nostras Maya - 93.9%

Nyah is a beautiful dark brown female, with a strong dark mask.  She is big boned, with a well muscled frame and correct angulation.  Nyah has excellent movement and is very quick and agile.  


Nyah also has a fantastic temperament.  She is calm and stable and does well in any type of situation.  She is also very inquisitive and is the first to want to investigate something new.  Nyah is also incredibly sweet and loving with family and friends.  She is also protective when she needs to be.  



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