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Temperament and Character

The Boerboel is manageable, reliable, obedient and intelligent with strong protective instincts.


The Boerboel is self-confident and fearless.  Uncontrollably aggressive and fearful Boerboels are unacceptable.


The Boerboel is easy-going, but thrives on lots of attention and love.  It is adaptable and can live happily in a small environment, but must get regular daily exercise.

General Appearance

The Boerboel is a large dog.  It has prominent and well-developed musculature over the entire body with buoyant movement - an impressive and imposing figure of strength.  Males are distinctly masculine, while females are clearly feminine.  


The ideal size of a male dog is 66cm - lower than 60cm is not acceptable.  The ideal height of a bitch is 61cm - lower than 55cm is unacceptable.


For more information on the Boerboel and the NABBA Breed Standard, please visit



The Boerboel is generally very healthy, but like many large dog breeds, it has been exposed to certain genetic or environmentally influenced conditions such as hip dysplasia, vaginal hyperplasia and eye conditions.


As a responsible breeder, one of our goals is to work towards minimizing these health conditions through the carefully planned breeding of dogs of excellent quality.



The Boerboel is an intelligent dog that is very eager to work with the owner. They do have the tendency to try to dominate the owner until a hierarchy is developed.  Obedience training is recommended at an early age and socialization should be a key component of the training. 


Since this breed is a large dog and does have a tendency to be dominant it is not recommended as a first dog for a family. 


NABBA - North America Boerboel Breeders Association

Founded in 2013, the NABBA is the long awaited Boerboel organization & registry dedicated solely to Boerboel breeders, owners and enthusiasts across North America.


The purpose of the NABBA is to provide member services, provide education to those interested in the Boerboel, and to promote a leadership culture for the preservation of the genetic value of the Boerboels in North America.


The NABBA must appraise each dog before it is allowed to be permanently registered and bred.  A minimum appraisal score of 75% must be obtained to be deemed breeding quality.  Each dog is graded individually against the standard by a trained Senior appraiser at sanctioned appraisal days across Canada and the US. 


The appraisal system ensures that only Boerboels which meet the strict criteria of the conformation standard are available for breeding. 


For more information on the NABBA or to become a member, please visit


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